The Secret to Receiving from God

The Word of God was written primarily to give us insight into the dealings of God, how He thinks, His desires, and His plans for the earth, humanity, and the Church. It also gives us insight into our inheritance, so the adversary does not deceive us. However, these insights into the mind of God were never supposed to be initiated without Him.

Have you ever found a new recipe for a dish you wanted to cook? The first one or two times, you probably followed the instructions exactly as it was written. As you became more skilled at cooking the dish, you stopped looking at the recipe. Many have done this same thing as it relates to the things of God.

It doesn’t matter how much you “know” or have experienced through scripture or revelation; you don’t “cook a spiritual meal” without Him. You can know all the “ingredients” to healing or provision, but without the Spirit of God, the power will not flow. One of the most powerful prayers you could ever pray is “Help Me, Holy Ghost.”

The scripture you read is the end result; that’s what the manifestation should look like in your life. Now you look to the Lord and ask Him to lead you into it.


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