Spiritual Warfare

Many things that we see manifesting now in our world, are not solely the corruption of men but the work of an unseen force. satan disguises himself by working through the weaknesses in the flesh. We must stand against the forces of darkness that would attempt to overtake us. As believers in this hour, we…

Trust the Route

Many times we as believers will allow the thought to pass through our minds, “where is God taking me?” We engage this thought because of our limited ability to see what’s next. The Spirit of God seemingly navigates our lives in a direction far different than where we think we should be at any given…


As a generation passes on what impact will we make, what will we contribute, how will we bring change to our generation?

Don’t Miss Your Exit

Don’t become so distracted this year that you waste the year making U-turns. God is ready to take you places that you have never dreamed.

The Cost of a New Season

We all enjoy having new things, new clothes, new places and new opportunities, but sometimes our excitement can outweigh our preparation.

Press to Reach

If you have been a Christian for any length of time, I’m almost certain you’ve heard the account in the Bible of the “woman with the issue of blood.” This woman was never identified by name or racial ethnicity and somehow inserted herself in the middle of another miracle story. Imagine this… twelve long, excruciating…