freedombookcoverThere are so many individuals in our society that are dealing with depression, fear and stress. We mask it by trying to keep ourselves busy, hoping that no one notices that we are emotionally bankrupt. When the day comes to a close and things settle down, in the silence seeps in these deadly emotions and we are faced with the reality of our own heart.

I have written a book entitled “Graded F for Freedom” which explores the behavior patterns, coping mechanisms, and response triggers we use to deal with life. Most of these entities were developed very early on in our childhood. You can have an apple tree that has 40 good apples and 10 spoiled apples, if we simply discard the 10 spoiled apples without examining why those apples spoiled we have no reference in how to prevent the tree from producing more spoiled apples in the future.



Words are containers filled with creative potential that are activated by connecting your heart with your voice. With your words you create the environment in which you exist. You can believe negatively and create a negative outcome, or positively and create a supernatural reality far beyond what you can imagine. Your spirit works to bring you closer to the thing you believe and speak.

In this book “Declare Decree Demand” you will find an in depth study on the power of words and its connection with your thoughts and heart; plus a host of scriptures listed by topics for you to declare over your life.

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offlimits_pbook002_What is OFF LIMITS? This is a movement that was birthed out of a deep desire to see men of God completely free from bondage and walk into who they are in Christ. I have been involved in Small Group Leadership for almost ten years beginning in college. I started noticing a huge epidemic in the Body of Christ amongst men; they love God but so many were struggling with some type of stronghold that they could not seem to get free from.

This book was written specifically for men who are ready to break free from limitations and move forward into their rightful place in God. Temptation of the flesh has been one of the biggest areas that Christian men struggle with. I speak very candidly on so many seemingly taboo subjects. There are millions of men that just don’t know how to overcome the tactics of the enemy, as it relates to fornication, masturbation, pornography, adultery, or homosexuality. Off Limits is a resource guide with practical steps and biblical truths to not only overcome in a moment but help you win for a lifetime.