A New Wave of Glory

We are on the cusp of another dimension of Glory. Throughout scripture we see the Glory of God manifested at certain degrees. The degree of Glory that is released determines how much is visibly manifested.

The Glory of God is the manifest presence of God; it can become thick like a cloud or appear as fire. When God came down to meet with Moses, in the Old Testament, we read that the mountain began to shake. The hour is upon us where the Glory of God will once again be manifested in a miraculous measure.

Don’t pull back from working with the anointing, just because things have not seemed to immediately change. We’re coming into a place where the degree of power will be increased exponentially, and your skillfulness with that anointing will be necessary.

When teaching someone how to cook, the first lesson isn’t going to be frying chicken in hot grease. You start off with something that requires low heat like eggs or pancakes. As the degree of skillfulness in cooking increases you give them meals that require more heat.

The Body of Christ is currently in training with how to handle the anointing. Mark my words the day is coming soon where miracles will become commonplace again for believers. Signs and wonders will flow like a river. He’s teaching us once again how to flow with Him.

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