We are in a season where God is perfecting the Church. When the Bible refers to perfection, it speaks of development, change, and maturity, not necessarily something without fault. A greater responsibility is being placed on believers to come up spiritually to where we ought to be.

The Lord spoke to my heart about this year 2022, that it was a season of “Great Change and Supernatural Movement.” Change is not always convenient or comfortable but necessary for advancement. Change can bring correction, direction or protection. We must become ever-so-sensitive to Holy Spirit in what He maybe dealing with each individual concerning.

God will permit certain circumstances to disrupt your plans for where you thought you were headed. We need to recognize in this season what God is authorizing or dismissing. The plan of God must take a preeminent place in our lives. In what area are we being challenged to change?

Our usefulness to God correlates to how we have developed and prepared. The Father is ready to reap this last great harvest of souls, and He needs His body to cooperate and respond at His command. Are you prepared to make the necessary changes so God can get the Glory out of your life?


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