You’ve Been Here Long Enough!

Have you ever been in a place or season, that you knew wasn’t your final destination but because of the comfort you started to settle there? The place of your greatest test is to leave what’s familiar. God’s intention is for you to arrive at the place He has destined for you to be.

The Needful Thing

The distractions have been sent so you don’t arrive on-time. If the enemy can’t keep you from it, he’ll try to delay your arrival to it. Don’t get so busy like Martha (Luke 10:40-42) that you miss the “needful thing.”

Spiritual Warfare

Many things that we see manifesting now in our world, are not solely the corruption of men but the work of an unseen force. satan disguises himself by working through the weaknesses in the flesh. We must stand against the forces of darkness that would attempt to overtake us. As believers in this hour, we…

The Cost of a New Season

We all enjoy having new things, new clothes, new places and new opportunities, but sometimes our excitement can outweigh our preparation.

What You Compromise to Keep — You Compromise to Reap

We all hold strong convictions about certain topics either based on upbringing or experience. These convictions become ingrained in our belief system and become a moral compass for our decision-making. But what happens when an argument just as strong as your conviction comes to challenge your truth? We are living in such a complex time…

Season Finale

In the western world we are quite familiar with the season finale of a television series. There are a set number of episodes that a network will ask a show to deliver within a specified number of months. The finale is the ending of the storyline, where conflicts are resolved, and unanswered questions are revealed….

Die, Die, Die

I’m thoroughly convinced we are in one of the greatest seasons that the body of Christ has ever seen. Yes, it may seem like the world is in an uproar and things are going crazy, but this is only a ploy of the enemy to keep us distracted. Satan is well aware that the time…

What Have You Allowed to Trouble You?

Did you know that you were supposed to trouble your troubles and not allow your troubles to trouble you? You were given access to the authority that was delegated to the Church at the moment of salvation. Scripture tells us that all things were placed under the feet of Christ’s body. If we make up…

How to Outlast Your Storm

Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself in the middle of a storm, because storms come to every man’s house. Matthew 5:45 says “…for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.” The important thing to do right now is identify which storm you’re in and navigate through…

Sexual Temptation

We must begin this journey of freedom by acknowledging Jesus Christ and His work at the Cross through Salvation (Romans 10:8-10). Secondarily, there is a supernatural power to overcome that comes from being filled with the Spirit (Acts 1:8). There are 5 main areas that we will discuss as it pertains to gaining the victory over sexual temptation….