Change is not always convenient or comfortable but is necessary for advancement.

You’ve Been Here Long Enough!

Have you ever been in a place or season, that you knew wasn’t your final destination but because of the comfort you started to settle there? The place of your greatest test is to leave what’s familiar. God’s intention is for you to arrive at the place He has destined for you to be.

Spiritual Warfare

Many things that we see manifesting now in our world, are not solely the corruption of men but the work of an unseen force. satan disguises himself by working through the weaknesses in the flesh. We must stand against the forces of darkness that would attempt to overtake us. As believers in this hour, we…

Don’t Miss Your Exit

Don’t become so distracted this year that you waste the year making U-turns. God is ready to take you places that you have never dreamed.

The Cost of a New Season

We all enjoy having new things, new clothes, new places and new opportunities, but sometimes our excitement can outweigh our preparation.


You may look around and see such an uproar in society; family and friends divided over political agendas and narratives. Unrest seems to steal so many hearts due to fear of the unknown. What are we to do as the Church? I see a very different reality in my heart. I see an open door…