The Needful Thing


We’re entering into a season that will require your undivided attention and complete focus on the plan of God. The enemy would love for you to be so focused on the wrong thing that you miss your moment.

I truly believe one of the reasons why Jesus was asleep in the bottom of the ship in Mark 4:38, was to shut out any natural opposition. Jesus had already received instructions of the Spirit to “go to the other side” to deliver the man of the Gadarenes. The storm that arose was to shift His focus.

The distractions have been sent so you don’t arrive on-time. If the enemy can’t keep you from it, he’ll try to delay your arrival to it. Don’t get so busy like Martha (Luke 10:40-42) that you miss the “needful thing.”

Jesus rebuked Martha because she was focused on the wrong thing, at the wrong time. She seemed justified in her much work, but there was only one thing that Jesus considered necessary. Be sure what you’re giving your attention to is leading you into the perfect will of God for your life.

Proverbs‬ ‭4:25‬ ‭TPT‬‬
“Set your gaze on the path before you. With fixed purpose, looking straight ahead, ignore life’s distractions.”

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