In Your Place

There is a place in the spirit pre-arranged for every believer to enter. The Father has tailored this place for you to thrive, just as He made the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve. Everything you could ever need or dream of exists there, but too often, believers never arrive.

The plan of God is prepared, but it’s not automatic in manifestation. Your cooperation in following the steps that lead to this plan is of the highest necessity. Just because we love God doesn’t mean we will arrive. Every step of His project requires your willingness to obey.

Many believers find themselves stuck, spinning in circles and wondering why they can’t seem to move beyond a specific place in their life. You must successfully pass whatever season you’re in before promotion can come. Find out what God intends for you to see and understand, then start walking in it.

There is a place He is calling you to occupy, and no one can ever take your place. Give yourself wholly over to the Spirit of God through times of reading the Word and praying in tongues. Time is of the essence, and you must be found doing what the Father has assigned to your hands.

Do exactly and be precisely where the Spirit has directed you. Run YOUR race, not your neighbor’s or your pastor’s race. It’s your time and your turn!


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