Where Are You Taking Me?

Associations, environments and influences have a tremendous impact on your direction. You will either be encouraged in the plan of God or tempted to go astray by the company you keep. Just because a person is born-again does not make them a safe companion to run with spiritually. You will oftentimes find yourself stirred by the same things that stir your close friends.

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and afterwards felt depleted? The toxicity of their spirit was released through words, that’s why it drained you. On the other hand, have you had someone call you and it was like a breath of fresh air?

You are in control and ultimately held responsible for the environment in which your spirit lives. Whatever atmosphere you create for your spirit is what it will produce. If the Word of God occupies 90% of your day, your life will become a replica of God’s will in the earth. However, if carnality fills up the most of your time, your life will reflect that of a sinner even though you maybe truly born-again.

“Be careful of the company that you keep because they can become quicksand around your feet.” The Spirit of God gave me this phrase some time ago and I never forgot how important it is to pay attention to the company around you.

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