Trust the Route

Many times we as believers will allow the thought to pass through our minds, “where is God taking me?” We engage this thought because of our limited ability to see what’s next. The Spirit of God seemingly navigates our lives in a direction far different than where we think we should be at any given moment.

This season has taught me to trust His leading even when He may not be speaking. The inward witness of our heart is a navigator through these uncertain times. As we chart futuristic waters that we’ve never seen before, it is only wise to follow the direction of someone who knows the course. Past experience can become detrimental to future progress when you’ve never been this way before.

For years we have been taught Proverbs 3:5 to trust in the Lord with all of our heart and lean not to our own understanding. It becomes impossible to trust God and lean to your understanding at the same time, because they derive information from two different realms. What is logic to your mind can become a hindrance to what is revealed by your spirit.

Stop asking so many questions and just say “yes Lord” to wherever He wants to take you. Trust His plan for your life. Give up the route you want to take and let Him lead. Holy Spirit knows exactly where you’re supposed to be and His job is to ensure that you arrive at your destiny on time.

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