Today I received the news that my great aunt went home to be with the Lord. It reminded me of a scripture that came to my heart earlier this week in Ecclesiastes 1:4. “One generation goes and another comes, but the earth remains forever.” During this Coronavirus Pandemic, the elderly have been the ones most affected by this virus. We are seeing a generation slip away so swiftly.

As a generation passes on what impact will we make, what will we contribute, how will we bring change to our generation? Death brings a sobriety to the fragility of life. When God sent your spirit into the earth, with an assignment, there were a set number of days for you to fulfill that plan. What have you done with the time you have been given?

Jesus told a parable about a master and his servants. The master gave each servant talents according to their ability. One day he returned to check on the productivity of his servants. He was very interested in what they did with what he gave them. We often admire what the generations before us were able to accomplish, but when we stand before God what will we have done in our generation?

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